Sunday, March 17, 2013


Everything in the 2nd year of Ava's life went faster than the first.  I am not sure how this is possible.  Before I started this post I went through and read the few posts I have previously done.  Even though I don't have a lot I do appreciate the memories and information that I do have.  Hopefully this is motivation for me to keep up on this blog and come September we will have twice the information to blog about.  Yes if you have not heard Ava is expected to be a big sister Sept 2013! 

Currently Ava is starting to develop quite the personality.  She is starting to talk more clearly everyday however we still have some enunciation issues.  Everyday Ava impresses us with her knowledge.  She knows about every animal you can think of and has learned several of her letters and can usually count to at least ten without missing any numbers.  She LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Pete is her favorite character which is so weird because he's not exactly the most popular or the most well behaved character but when he comes on the screen her face lights up and she yells PETE!  She can throw a good fit and does it often.  This has been very wearing on me especially since I've been extremely exhausted lately.

We are at the stage where sitting still for very long is not an easy thing.  This requires us to stay in more than we are use to.  She doesn't really do well in restaurants, in the car (unless we have a DVD going), or church.  A lot of the time Jeremy and I end up going to church at different times which really stinks but if we want to get anything out of it that's about our only option.  I'm hoping we can move onto the listening and understanding stage soon so we can fix some of these issues.

We have introduced the potty to Ava.  She has gone #2 a handful of times on the potty.  A couple times we have "caught her in the act" and a couple times she has voiced that she needs to go.  I am not pushing really hard on this right now but hope to have this mastered before baby # 2 so we don't have to do double diapers.

Ava also sleeps in a BIG GIRL bed now.  We received a twin bed from a friend and this transition went beautifully.  She continues to sleep through the night and seems to be just fine not being in the crib.  I was a little worried because we left the crib up but it still doesn't seem to bother her to see it and she wants to be in her big girl bed.

We had her birthday party last weekend. We appreciate everyone that came and celebrated with us. We are so blessed to have such supportive family and friends!
Kolbie & Ava

Opening her presents!  She was a pro.

Make a wish!  (She wasn't very good at this we had to call on the cousins for assistance)

Kolbie & Max

Ava, Dean, Ethan, and Kendal

Ava and Dean