Wednesday, June 20, 2012

15 Months and Still a Runt

I took Ava in for her 15 month check up last week.  Ava came into this world at a whopping 5lbs 6oz so from day one she has been small.  Compared to other 15 month olds this is how Ava sizes up.  She currently weights 19lbs 14oz this - 9% she is 29 3/4" tall - 29%.  However she is healthy and developing just fine so we just deal with the fact that she a runt.  Currently Ava has 12 teeth and is eats pretty much everything and has for the past two months.  Her favorite foods are eggs, bananas (whole she has to hold it and bite off of it), and hot dogs.  When Ava turned one her hair all of sudden took off.  We got her "bangs" trimmed last Friday and got a cute picture to show of it.  She didn't fuss and all but was looking at Lacey and I like we were crazy.  Ava can give a good look.

Ava's 1st Hair cut by the beautiful and talented Lacey Byers!

We have almost been back in Kansas for an entire year.  We moved 4th of July weekend last year.  I have not been more thankful to have been in Kansas than I was these past few months.  Jeremy and I were both blessed with wonderful loving families.  We are very grateful for the fact that we have each and everyone of them and love the fact that all of them are less than an hour drive now!

My sister-in-law Emily and I at the Duel Piano's in Hanover at Snappers.

Decided the guys were worthy enough to have their picture taken with us!     
Stallbaumer grandkids enjoy a little pool time in the back yard!

Waiting on Grandpa G's homemade strawberry ice cream!

Grandma Drag and Ava at the Hanover Parade (unusually cold for the 1st week of June)

Max having some of his candy!

Ava thinks she'll have a piece also!

Ava's 1st Birthday

I know I know...I haven't posted since Ava was a month old.  I could come up with a million excuses why but none of them matter.  What does matter is that I am going to try to do better.  (won't be hard huh?)

To get started again we are going to go back in time to Ava's 1st Birthday Party.

I am not a very "creative idea" person.  I can be fairly crafty if I want to be but I have to copy other people I don't come up with the ideas on my own.  For whatever reason zebra print is really big right now and easy to find.  Therefore when it came to Ava's party I decided to just do zebra print, pink and purple...not very original but super cute and easy.  I made Ava a onesie with the #1 on it and her very creative and crafty Aunt Julia completed the outfit with a tutu and hair bow.

We did a taco bar for the food and I had a cake made.  All of Jeremy's family and my family were in attendance along with the Sherlock and the Rottinghaus Families.  Ava got completely spoiled and didn't get a nap that day but overall did very well. 

A friend from work tipped me off to get the whipped topping on Ava's cake so that it would smear better and boy was she right.  Ava L O V E D her cake and had no problem digging right in and making a mess.

Ava's gifts included everything from clothes to dolls.  She got a wagon from Grandma and Grandpa Stallbaumer however it was opened and put together in the afternoon so all the kids could go on a walk at once.  The sunglasses were from Cassie and Kellen.  She surprisingly left them on for a while!

Ava Ann had a great first birthday and we feel so blessed to have this healthy beautiful baby girl!