Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Letter 2014

I am trying something new this year.  Instead of including my annual Christmas letter with the family picture in our Christmas card I decided to just post it on our blog.  I am doing this for a couple of reasons.  Number one reason being our printer doesn't have much ink and every time I get to the store I forget to buy more ink.  The second reason is because every year I think to myself "I wish I could go back and find every letter I've ever sent out and our picture" so I hope that if I include it on our blog every year I'll be able to find them easily in future years.  I realize this is not the traditional approach and I love receiving everyone's Christmas cards so I will continue to do the picture but I also hope that this way I can reach more of our friends without sending 200 Christmas cards because when we include all our brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins we are near 150 so throw some friends in there and we are pushing 200.  Thanks for reading!

Merry Christmas from the Stallbaumer's

Once again the Stallbaumer’s had an eventful year.  Two-thousand and fourteen showed us many
positive changes that we can feel grateful for.  The biggest news of our year was we bought a house in April.  We are officially Seneca residents and loving our new home.  House shopping in Seneca proved to be very challenging but in the end we couldn’t have been happier with what we got and are looking forward to many years in our new home.

Ava started preschool in the fall.  She attends Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School and goes two days a week in the morning.  She is thriving in school and we get all glowing reports from her teacher.  Jeremy and I only wish she behaved as well at home for us as she does in school but are grateful for her school behavior.  The girl is a talker.  I have no idea where she gets that from!  Ava is a true people person she loves everyone and knows no stranger.  She also doesn’t forget anyone so if she’s met you before the next time she sees you she going to great you with a BIG smile and hug.

Will is growing like a weed which is not surprising because the kid can eat.  He’s also not picky and will eat about anything you put in front of him.  The last several months he has gotten good on two feet and has become quite the speed demon.  He is not a cuddler and likes to be on the move so we spend most of our time chasing him around and making sure he’s not getting into anything he shouldn’t be.  He also can throw a good fit and this usually entails him slamming his head on the floor.  Rarely do you see Will without a goose egg on his head.  He barrels through anything in his way and doesn’t really care what he destroys to get to it.  He’s gotten himself stuck a couple times because he doesn’t really understand the concept of going around something, he just goes through it!

Jeremy continues to work from home for GTM Sportwear as their Clinic Coordinator.  He still enjoys the work and is grateful for the perks of working from home.  With the Royals historic season he enjoyed being around a TV during the day to enjoy every moment while being productive for work.  He took on a new role this winter and is the Assistant Coach for the Saints Peter and Paul junior high boys basketball team.  They have already had seven games and are 7-0!  It’s a good group of young men and he’s enjoying the experience.

I still have my job as the Accounts Payable Clerk at Eisenbarth Plumbing.  I have learned more this past year about plumbing and heating than I ever dreamed I could know and I still have a lot to learn.  I enjoy the work and enjoy the people so not many complaints from me.  I feel like our weeks just fly by but I guess that just confirms we are loving life and having fun.  Jeremy and I did get away for one trip this year in May.  We went to Philadelphia, PA in May for a friend's wedding.  We had a very nice time and enjoyed seeing Philly and enjoyed a true Philly Cheese Steak!  Most of our fall was occupied with K-State football.  It was an adjustment for us this year not being in Manhattan but we enjoyed it all the same.  We will be cheering them on in January from Seneca but plan to do it with plenty of our Wildcat-Loving friends!  We have lots to look forward to in 2015 and thank God every day for all the blessings he has bestowed upon us.

We hope all our family and friends have a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful 2015!


Brooke Ann